Welcome to my homepage
I am Ali Khaledi, Ph.D.,
Neuroscientist, Data scientist, and AI researcher

I am happy to see you visiting my page. Here I am presenting a mix of mostly professional and partly personal updates. I am on a mission to learn new hard and soft skills on a daily basis; for that, I have rigorous daily learning routines. I finish a book every 7-10 days and finish a new course every month. If you wondering how I have time to do that, I am happy to share my secrets with you. Here is part of my secret, I have a dedicated three hours of daily learning sessions, one hour is for reading books and the rest is for taking courses.

I am from Iran and moved to the US in 2014 for my Ph.D. Since then I called the US home. Now I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I did a postdoc at the Department of Neurosurgery at Stanford University School of Medicine; you can read more about my work in my Research summary section. Now I work for a biotech company called CODA biotherapeutics which is based in South San Francisco.

I am trained as a theoretical and computational physicist, I have expertise in the fields of nonlinear dynamics, stochastic processes, signal processing, statistics, biophysics, and network sciences. These days I am into Data science and machine learning, and I use these tools for diverse scientific problems. I am passionate to use my computational skills and neuroscience knowledge to shape the future, build new products, and further our understanding.

Life has interesting ways of teaching us lessons. In the following, I capture my first and last days at my past two jobs. Whenever I started any of the following jobs, it was a dream coming true, however, after a few years, leaving the places became a priority. Of course, I have been a graduate student/postdoc and it is natural to leave after a few years. The evolution of my perception is indeed interesting. That's to say I am changing and adapting as quickly as needed.

In the following, I show photos of my first and last days at Ohio and Stanford. If we ever meet, I have a lot of stories to tell.

last update: April, 6, 2022

The first few months in Ohio, 10/2014, saying I was ecstatic, is a gross understatement

My last day at Ohio university, 7/2019, I was so happy to leave Ohio, the same place I was ecstatic to be there

First day at Stanford in 8/2019, I was happy to start working there. Doing research at Stanford was like a dream coming true.

Last day at Stanford 12/2021. I left Stanford by choice, my PI wanted to keep me longer but my growth was slow, and I needed more adventures. I might circle back to Stanford in the future.

First day at CODA Biotherapeutics. 12/2021, also I was happy to embark on a new journey.