First and last days

In the following, I show photos of my first and last days on a few roles. The perspective we have toward a place sometimes changes dramatically and we forget the place we leave one day by choice, was our dream place a while ago. To combat the natural amnesia we all possess I am documenting my days here so I won't forget how I was feeling.

The first few days in Ohio, 10/2014, saying I was ecstatic, is a gross understatement

My last day at Ohio university, 7/2019, I was so happy to leave Ohio, the same place I was ecstatic to be there

First day at Stanford in 8/2019, I was happy to start working there. Doing research at Stanford was like a dream coming true.

Last day at Stanford 12/2021. I left Stanford by choice, my PI wanted to keep me longer but my growth was slow, and I needed more adventures. I might circle back to Stanford in the future.

First day at CODA Biotherapeutics. 12/2021, also I was happy to embark on a new journey.

Last day at CODA, 08/2021. CODA ran out of money. I have a bigger smile than when I started,

During the first week at Amazon, I visited Seattle to meet with my team. I am working with an amazing team and I am very happy to be here. Behind me is the first Starbucks. (10/14/2022)