Welcome to my homepage,

I am Ali Khaledi, Ph.D., a physicist by training and currently research scientist @ AWS

Welcome to my personal and professional journey! I'm originally from Iran and moved to the US in 2014 to pursue my PhD. Since then, I've considered the US my home, and I'm currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After my Ph.D., I joined Stanford University School of Medicine's Department of Neurosurgery for a research position. You can learn more about my work in the research summary section. Following my time at Stanford, I joined CODA Biotherapeutics, a gene therapy startup focused on developing treatments for epilepsy. CODA raised around $70 million but needed an additional $100 million to advance its research to the clinical stage. Unfortunately, due to unfavorable microeconomic conditions in 2022, CODA was unable to secure the necessary funding and had to close its doors. This turn of events led me to an exciting new role as a research scientist at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

My background is in theoretical and computational physics, with expertise in nonlinear dynamics, stochastic processes, signal processing, statistics, biophysics, and network sciences. Over the past few years I have been into data science and machine learning, applying these tools to a wide range of scientific problems. I'm passionate about using my computational skills and neuroscience knowledge to shape the future, create innovative products, and deepen our understanding.

I believe in continuous learning and strive to develop new hard and soft skills daily. My routine includes two dedicated hours for learning every day: one hour for reading books and the other for taking courses. One aspect of Amazon that resonates with me is its commitment to learning. "Learn and Be Curious" is one of the company's core leadership principles, established by Jeff Bezos himself. I admire Jeff's unique approach to problem-solving, which is deeply ingrained in Amazon's DNA. I look forward to growing with Amazon and contributing to its ongoing success.

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